Need to lock the keyboard on your Lion Mac?

Lockey will let you lock both your keyboard and mouse to prevent accidental keystrokes and clicks whilst you want to be doing something else.

Lock your Apple Macintosh 10.7 Keyboard with Lockey

  • Lock your Mac keyboard to prevent further use
  • Select to lock the keyboard immediately or within 10 seconds
  • 10 second time delay allows you to start your movie or screencast
  • Built for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.7
  • Keyboard shortcuts to allow for the quick lock/unlock fot he keyboard (and mouse/trackpad)
Simple, effective and proven to work. Download the Lockey App to prevent further interruptions.
Get started in less than 90 seconds.

Lock your Apple keyboard in a single click

Switch between running applications whilst the keyboard is locked

Disable mouse and trackpad

Over 300 people in six months can't be wrong

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Mac FormatThird-party software can help here too, Lockey disables your Mac's keyboard to prevent accidental keystrokes interrupting movies and TV showsMac Format

I love the concept of LockeyMuhammad J

It's exactly what I've been looking forChris D

Lockey really complements with Caffeine appMuhammad J

This is the only app I've found that locks out my keyboard and keeps the display active!Ben

Thanks for writing thisMatt

Lockey is simple, easy to use and perfectly priced.Chris

Lockey Leopard$7.99

  • Lock Internal Keyboard
  • Lock Mouse/ Trackpad
  • Works with OSX 10.5
  • No Support

Lockey Lion$9.99

  • Lock Internal Keyboard
  • Lock Mouse/ Trackpad
  • Keyboard Lock Countodwn
  • Keyboard Lock HotKeys
  • Works with OSX 10.6 - 10.7
  • Email Support

Lockey Mavericks$12.00

  • Lock Internal Keyboard
    and still allow use of external/bluetooth Keyboard
  • Lock External Keyboard
  • Lock Mouse/ Trackpad
  • Keyboard Lock Countodwn
  • Keyboard Lock HotKeys
  • Works with OSX 10.9
  • Email Support
© 2011 - Lockey Keyboard Lock for Mac. The Lockey App is a product of Natural Ranks Liverpool Limited.©2014 Lockey
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